Edrina Gibson-McEntire Richmond, CA

Edrina Gibson McEntire’s world nearly fell apart this past year. In August, her doctor told Edrina, age 39 and a mother of 6 children, that she had a rare form of lymphoma and was dying. Doctors gave her 6 months to live. In late November, something else even more unimaginable happened: Her 18 month-old baby boy, CJ, was stabbed to death – allegedly by Edrina’s own husband. Edrina and her teenage daughter not only had to endure this tragedy and the trauma of Edrina’s advanced medical condition, but they also had to do this in the same place this horrific tragedy occurred. Unable to work herself because of her lymphoma, and receiving no income from her husband (now in custody), Edrina could not afford to move out of her apartment in Richmond, California where CJ was murdered. A Mending Angel provided Edrina with an emergency rent assistance grant so that she was able to move out to a more stable living environment – for herself and for her daughter.


I want to thank A Mending Angel for their generous donation and the help they gave me in paying my rent. Because of this, I was able to move away from a constant memory of what happened. I felt terrible about not being able to move, especially for my loving and sweet daughter. Words cannot express how much this support means to me and my family. It gave me so much comfort knowing there were people out there who cared. The support I received from A Mending Angel eased some of the pain and helped out with the financial burden I am facing now raising my kids by myself with no one to help me. With the support of A Mending Angel I didn’t have to stress out about how I was going to be able to move and pay the rent. I was under enough stress and I sure didn’t need anymore stress added to what I was already going through. I lost my baby boy on November 22. He was murdered.

A day I’ll never forget. The pain is so overwhelming and it never goes away. I have been able to begin to heal in a positive way and move forward with my life. As a tribute to my baby, I have enrolled in a massage therapy program and plan on starting my own business. I would not have gotten through this pain without all the support I have received from A Mending Angel. I am grateful and feel so much love and support from everyone who has been there for me. I know now that I am not alone and I can get through this with prayer, strength, support, and a will to achieve my goals and honor my baby in a special and positive way.


Remarkably, on her most recent doctor’s visit, she was told her lymphoma is currently in check, and Edrina continues to feel stronger and healthier with each passing day.

Edrina scored an 88 (out of 100) on her massage therapy program midterm exam.



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