Q: There are more than 2 million nonprofits out there.  What’s so special about A Mending Angel?


A Mending Angel stands out not by reinventing the wheel, but rather by making it better. We are the first nonprofit to provide a copy of any receipt for any expense, and we are the first nonprofit to provide annual updates on each grantee. We use your donations to create permanent change in the lives of individuals and families. We are not merely working towards our goals – we attain them. Trust our actions, and our success rate. Accountability and Results: Our focus is on deserving your support, and on maintaining it.


Q: How do I know my donations will make an impact?

At this point, you don’t. You don’t know us from Adam, and we don’t know you. If your intention is to get your name on a building or get feted at a ritzy and expensive black and white formal dinner, you may wish to contact other nonprofits. If your goal is to change deserving lives permanently with your gift, then A Mending Angel is an appropriate source for your support. You will consistently be informed of our progress, and the progress of all our grantees – who are made aware of our steadfast focus on evaluation and results. Likewise, a copy of ANY receipt for ANY expense is readily available to you, so you can rest assured that we place great emphasis on minimizing expenses, and maximizing results. In addition, all our grants are one-time only grants to better ensure overall success.


Q: What geographic area do you serve?

A Mending Angel has its main office in San Francisco, California. We serve primarily the entire Bay Area, though we also have a statewide focus on some of our projects – our SAT (Succeed And Thrive!) Project for instance. Within the next 3-4 fiscal years, A Mending Angel hopes to have a nationwide focus. We are in the process of setting up volunteer-based chapter locations in various cities across California.


Q: Is my donation tax-deductible?

Absolutely. A Mending Angel is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Our federal tax identification number is: 85-048528.


Q: Can a one-time gift really make a permanent impact?

Yes. A Mending Angel is very careful and judicious about its grant awards. We do not give out monies merely because there is a financial need for our applicants. Rather, we examine each grant on a case-by-case basis, often with the help of various counselors or referral agencies, to best determine the impact our grant would make on the person’s life. Are there any guarantees that our gift will produce permanent change? No. But by reducing the risk of failure at several levels – externally with our screening process of each applicant, and internally via our organization’s focus on evaluation and accountability- A Mending Angel can better produce positive and lasting results. This is great for both our grantees, and our donors.


Q: How is your fundraising going?

The board of directors agreed that we should focus this fiscal year on firmly establishing some of our key programs and services. This has diminished our current fundraising capabilities. There is an inherent ‘catch-22’ for all start-up nonprofits: we need money to fund our programs, yet we also need to have programs in place to get the funding. A Mending Angel is very proud of our accomplishments, and we deeply value each donation received. Thank you.


Q: How can I help?

If you can, please make a donation to us. Any amount you give will be gratefully received, quickly acknowledged, and efficiently utilized. You may also call us regarding our numerous volunteer opportunities. Currently, we have a great need to secure a volunteer manager to oversee our SAT (Succeed And Thrive!) Project – as there is a tremendous amount of phone work and follow-up involved with the various high schools and students. We are also actively seeking to create volunteer outreach locations throughout California. As you can see, A Mending Angel needs your support. With our consistent emphasis on openness, accountability, and a determined focus on results, A Mending Angel presents a solid choice and consideration for your charitable giving. Thank you, and please call us with any questions you may have.



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