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A Mending Angel is proud of our several ongoing projects and programs that have met with great success.  Most notably among these is our SAT (Succeed and Thrive!) Project, which provides one-time tuition assistance grants to qualified high school students to take the all-important SAT Prep Course.


Youth and Education:    SAT (Succeed And Thrive!) Project

Working in partnership with the leading SAT prep course companies, A Mending Angel recently became the first nonprofit to provide grant scholarships to deserving high school students statewide in California so that they could take this critical college prep SAT exam.


Numerous studies have shown that students who take SAT prep courses improve their SAT scores dramatically.  The SAT remains the single most important test and indicator for a high school student’s chance of entering college.  The SAT score can and does determine an individual’s acceptance or rejection for college.  Equal access to a quality education is one of the country’s most fundamental beliefs and strengths.  Yet, there is a great disparity for those students who can afford these crucial SAT prep courses, and those who can not.

So many high school juniors and seniors lack the necessary skills (especially in writing) which are vital to attain good SAT scores.  Having a good SAT score can make the difference in whether or not a student enters college at all, as well as whether they can attend the college of their choice. 

In addition, A Mending Angel’s SAT Project not only helps students get into colleges, but it also helps many pay for these colleges by helping students secure crucial scholarships.  It is important to note that several states impose SAT minimum score requirements on students hoping to qualify for scholarships.  So our SAT Project goal of increasing test scores will greatly help many students likewise increase their chance of college scholarships and grant funding.

Succeed And Thrive! Project Related Activities

In addition to our SAT grant/assistance program, we are:


Working on securing with Mayors’ offices and local corporate leaders the development of a comprehensive   system of our Succeed And Thrive! Project to be used as a model for a statewide solution


Working on a project to track middle and high school truancy rates for students and provide critical outreach intervention / follow-up


Working with major corporations to provide critical outreach for middle/high school students by providing internships and mentoring programs


Working on an integrated, collaborative project with middle/high school leaders to provide a comprehensive listing and tracking system of all students qualified for tuition assistance 

With these and all our projects, A Mending Angel’s focus is on the evaluation and results component – to ensure to our donors and participants that their funding and time was used wisely and effectively.

Some high school students recently were sitting next to me at the local branch library.  Among other subjects they were discussing the SAT, which they had just taken.  One student was asked how she did, and she responded with an awkward and rather indecisive, “Okay, I think.”   The other students continued their talk, and it soon became clear that most in the group had together taken a prep course to help them with SAT exams.  But not this one girl sitting quietly while listening to her friends speak of increased points, and first choices for various colleges. 

A Mending Angel’s Succeed And Thrive! Project deals first and foremost with issues of fairness and equality - equal education, and equal access to that same education

Thank you for your support of this and all our programs and projects.




Seniors Support:    Seniors Critical Needs and Outreach

After a lengthy and careful selection process for a well-qualified and established company who will partner with A Mending Angel to provide low cost or free emergency response monitoring systems for seniors, we have partnered with Bay Area Vital Link- an organization with close ties to the philanthropic and social service network of the Bay Area.  Bay Area Vital Link has 30+ years of hands-on experience, and we are very proud to be partnering with them.  These emergency monitoring systems have been proven to save lives, and enhance a person’s well-being and independence.



Housing:    Emergency Housing Services


A Mending Angel is working with the Housing Rights Committee in San Francisco and other local offices to provide emergency move-in rent and deposits for low-income seniors and the disabled. The Housing Rights office and others have seen a dramatic rise in critical housing needs as federal and state funding continues to be dramatically reduced, leaving many individuals and families facing a very real threat of being homeless. 



Please contact us if you know of someone who could benefit from receiving these or any of our one-time, critical needs projects. Thank you. 



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